Lesson in Compromise: How Every Chiropractor in Los Angeles Perseveres and Adapts to the Changing Times and Legislation

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In January 2012, the California Senate passed S.B. 352 prohibiting chiropractors from treating allergies; then dropped the measure a few months later as the Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) responded by adopting a new regulation on the use of lasers and other non-FDA approved machines and therapies. The bill’s main proponent, Sen. Bob Huff, was satisfied with the action taken by the board, saying, “To the degree that they’re taking care of it themselves, it takes pressure off a legislative fix.” After months of hearings by the BCE, legal rules prohibiting the use of lasers in chiropractic, which are not approved by the FDA, and other treatments that are not consistent with FDA approval were adopted.


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